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Galwegians RFC

Galwegians RFC

Crowley Park, Glenina, Dublin Road, Galway City,
Galway, Ireland.

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Galwegians RFC Registrations 2016/2017

Discounts available on underage & adult registrations.

Ability to spread payment over 3 months is available on Final Payment page

Registration Plan

Quantity Registration Plan Additional Info Cost
Under 7 (Born 2010)  130.00
Under 8 (Born 2009)  130.00
Under 9 (Born 2008)  130.00
Under 10 (Born 2007)  130.00
Under 11 (Born 2006)  130.00
Under 12 (Born 2005)  130.00
Under 13 (Born 2004)  130.00
Under 14 (Born 2003)  130.00
Under 15 (Born 2002)  130.00
Under 16 (Born 2001)  130.00
Under 17 (Born 2000)  130.00
Under 18/19 (Born 1999/98)  130.00
Under 20  130.00
Third Level Student Membership
Please see
to right for additional information.→
Senior Womens Membership  130.00
Senior Mens Membership  130.00
Ordinary Member  110.00
Life Membership (Annual Donation)  110.00

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