Managing Your Club Finances

Managing Your Club Finances


Nazareth House Dublin Membership

The Sisters of Nazareth is a registered Irish charity, which has been providing care to older people in Ireland since 1876. Nazareth House nursing home is the first choice of many people whose care needs can no longer be fulfilled at home. While there is no place like home, Nazareth House recognizes that home can be many things to many people but above all, it is a place where one is respected, has dignity, autonomy of choice and experiences love.

Situated on eight acres of rolling parkland close to the city centre, Nazareth House, Dublin opened in 1970 to provide care for older people in the North Dublin area. Since then we have kept our traditional core values and ethos while constantly updating our facilities and raising our standard of care.

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all our residents. We treat all our residents as individuals and respect their right to privacy, dignity and independence. We welcome family and friends involvement in their relatives care. Each person entering Nazareth House is an individual and remains one! We are currently building new bedrooms which will accommodate 120 people and we need your help to do this.

This Lotto will help us to fund this exciting new development, so that we can have a lovely comfortable home where we can give the best care and the very best quality of life to people living with us in their final years. The Nazareth House Lotto draw, will take place on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 3PM, with the first draw taking place on Wednesday 15th November 2016.

We encourage everyone in the community to play the Nazareth House fundraising lotto.We also hope that we can all work together to promote this lotto and help get back in touch with people who are associated with Nazareth House who may now be living all over Ireland and the world.

To play please select 4 numbers between 1 - 32. If anybody matches the four numbers selected on the night, he/she wins or shares the Jackpot. Match 3 winners will share €100. If there are no match 3 winners there will be 2 Lucky dips who will share €100. Tickets cost €2 each.

Once you are playing, we will be sending results emails and general news updates.  Sign up for the newsletter now if you cannot play right now.

Your continued support is much appreciated and we wish you good luck in future draws.

Best of Luck,
Nazareth House.



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